Game Background

Core of Innocence at its heart is very much a platform adventure game and shares several elements from the genre, but brings it up a notch with hundreds of equippable items, spells and special tools to aid our heroine in her journey. It has a more mature theme than most similar games in the genre but contains some censoring options that tame it a *little* bit.



The game follows the story of a girl named Lila who is searching for clues on the whereabouts of her mother who has been missing for some time. Things take a turn for the worse as an ancient evil reveals itself, thrusting Lila into a world she was certainly not expecting. On her journey she learns truths about her past and gains the power to destroy those who would cause her people harm.



  • Eight different massive areas to explore, complete with in game mapping system
  • Hundreds of equippable items in a graphically enhanced inventory
  • An arsenal of weapons to use in combat, ranging from swords, boomerangs, nunchaku, and… a laser rifle?!
  • Fanservice!
  • Secret areas and more!



What will the minimum requirements be for Core of Innocence?

The minimum requirements for decent playability is:

  • OS: Windows XP or greater (CoI runs well under WINE in Linux, but it is currently not an officially supported OS.)
  • CPU: Any AMD or Intel compatible CPU with 1.2 Ghz speed or greater.
  • GPU: Most modern video cards with 2D hardware acceleration enabled should work fine. Embedded and onboard video displays (such as those found in Netbooks) may run into some performance issues.
  • Memory: at least 512MB for Windows XP, and at least 1GB+ of memory for Windows 7+
  • Hard Drive: 200MB free space for installation.
  • USB controllers/gamepads are also supported.

What type of game is CoI?

It is a side-scrolling platformer, not dissimilar from Castlevania or Metroid.

What maturity rating will the game be?

Core of Innocence is best played by mature audiences.

What platform will it be for?

As of right now, it will be exclusively for PC. (But, it does run well under WINE in Linux. Please note: Linux is currently not an officially supported OS so assistance is very limited for troubleshooting.)

How much gameplay should one be able to get from CoI?

A casual gamer will most likely be able to beat it in about 4-8 hours. Hardcore gamers may beat it sooner than that, or much much longer if they are of the completionist variety and want to collect and complete everything. Our record time for a 100% complete was 6 hours and 23 minutes, and we know where everything is.

Who did the music for the game?

The music was written and composed by Aaron Boyer of Pudding Hat Games.

What are you using to make CoI?

I am using Multimedia Fusion 2: Developer made by Clickteam

How are the art and graphics created for CoI?

They are usually drawn by hand, and then converted into sprites using MSPaint, the editor in MMF2D as well as bits of Photoshop. Everything you see is original work.